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              Maron is invited by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to share the technology of Cyclopentane Foaming Machine


              About Maron

              Product has been delivered to different nations and areas 

              Service has been delivered to 200+ companies

              900+ PU foaming machine projects completed in the last decade

              Chief Drafter of the PU China Machinery Industry Standard

              Maron Mechatronics Engineering(Chengdu)Co.,Ltd(hereafter called ‘Maron’) has been dedicated to design and manufacture PU machinary for over 20 years. Maron has various polyurethane       equipments, including High Pressure Polyurethane Foaming Machine, Foaming Production Line,   High  Pressure Cyclopentane Foaming Machine, 245 High Pressure Foaming Machine. Over the   years, Maron has been adhering to advanced design concepts, continuous independent innovation and mastering core technology. And we have very strong ability of electrical automation control    and high precision mechanical technology.

              Team consists of top technical talents from German, China and United States of America



              Commercial Refrigerator

              Warter Heater



              Steering Wheel

              Armrest & Headrest

              Cold Chain Logistics

              Refrigerated Truck

              Cold Room

              Insulation Panel

              Insulation Pipe

              Continuous Panel Line

              Discontinous Panel Line




              Refrigerated Container

              Refrigerated Vending Machine


              環戊烷發泡機 聚氨酯發泡機 成都航發 maron 高壓發泡機 環戊烷高壓發泡機

               Foaming Machine

              發泡機發泡頭 發泡槍 發泡頭 槍頭 發泡機混合頭 混合頭 環戊烷發泡機 聚氨酯發泡機 成都航發 maron 高壓發泡機 環戊烷高壓發泡機

              Water Heater Line

              Automotive Interior Line

              Insulation Panel Line


              Spare Parts 

              Mixing Head

              Refrigerator Line

              Insulation Pipe Line

              maron成都航發參與JB/T 11509-2013 聚氨酯發泡設備通用技術條件國家行業標準起草

              Maron, as a representative of 
              cyclopentane foaming machine 
              manufacturers, was invited by UNDP
              to share alternative technology for 
              environmental protection with the
              delegation of Malaysian government
              enterprises in Beijing  

              Maron, as a guest speaker at the 2018
              Development Forum of Polyurethane
              Rigid Foam Industry, shares the
              development history, design concept and cutting-edge design of Maron
              Cyclopentane(C5) Foaming Machine

              Maron was invited by the Ministry of Environment as the only equipment manufacturer in China to take part in the seminar on HCFC alternative technology application in China's polyurethane (PU) foam industry.

              Maron, as a top domestic foaming
              machine equipment manufacturer,
              participated in drafting national industry
              standards - General technical
              conditions for polyurethane equipment.

              Event & News

              Invited by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to share the
              technology of C5 Foaming Machine

              Guest Speaker in China PU Rigid Foam Industry Development Forum

              Participated in the Symposium on
              HCFC green low carbon substitution
              technology of PU foam industry

              Chief drafter of the PU China machinery industry standard


              Product and service has been delivered to over 258 companies

              澳柯瑪冰箱 生產線 成都航發馬隆聚氨酯環戊烷高壓發泡機生產線
              星星冷柜 冰箱  生產線 成都航發馬隆聚氨酯環戊烷高壓發泡機生產線
              萬寶冰箱 冷柜 生產線 成都航發馬隆聚氨酯環戊烷高壓發泡機生產線
              Haier青島海爾冰箱 冷柜 生產線 成都航發馬隆聚氨酯環戊烷高壓發泡機生產線
              Meiling美菱冰箱 冷柜 冰箱  生產線 成都航發馬隆聚氨酯環戊烷高壓發泡機生產線
              TCL 冷柜 冰箱  生產線 成都航發maron馬隆聚氨酯環戊烷高壓發泡機生產線
              廣州 海信冰箱冷柜 成都航發馬隆聚氨酯環戊烷高壓發泡機生產線
              Homa奧馬冰箱 冷柜 生產線 成都航發馬隆聚氨酯環戊烷高壓發泡機生產線
              創維冰箱 創維冷柜 生產線 成都航發馬隆聚氨酯環戊烷高壓發泡機生產線
              長虹冰箱 長虹冷柜 生產線 成都航發馬隆聚氨酯環戊烷高壓發泡機生產線
              美的冰箱 冷柜 生產線 成都航發馬隆聚氨酯環戊烷高壓發泡機生產線
              格力冰箱 格力冷柜 生產線 成都航發馬隆聚氨酯環戊烷高壓發泡機生產線
              中集集團 中集物流 冷庫板發泡 冷量物流 成都航發馬隆 聚氨酯 環戊烷高壓發泡機 生產線
              萬和熱水器 格力冷柜 生產線 成都航發馬隆聚氨酯環戊烷高壓發泡機生產線
              阿詩丹頓熱水器 生產線 成都航發馬隆聚氨酯環戊烷高壓發泡機生產線
              穗凌冰箱 冷柜 生產線 成都航發馬隆聚氨酯環戊烷高壓發泡機生產線
              中集集團 中集物流 冷庫板發泡 冷量物流 成都航發馬隆 聚氨酯 環戊烷高壓發泡機 生產線
              中集集團 中集物流 冷庫板發泡 冷量物流 成都航發馬隆 聚氨酯 環戊烷高壓發泡機 生產線
              中集集團 中集物流 冷庫板發泡 冷量物流 成都航發馬隆 聚氨酯 環戊烷高壓發泡機 生產線

              · Chief drafter of the PU China machinery industry standard
              · 22-year machine technology accumulation
              · Top technicians from German, China and United States of America

              Technology Leading


              · Invited by UNDP to share foaming machine technology
              · CO2 water spray foaming specialist team member
              · HCFC alternative technology supplier
              · Manufacturer of cyclopentane(C5) foaming machine



              · Service has covered different nations and areas 
              · Local service team, prompt response 
              · Online remote monitoring and maintenance of foaming machine


              · Customized design & manufacture
              · Match specific need of clients
              · Help clients to save money


              Application Case

              成都航發maron馬隆冰箱冷柜環戊烷高壓發泡機 槍頭 混合頭 發泡頭 管線 坦克鏈
              成都航發maron馬隆冰箱冷柜環戊烷高壓發泡機 槍頭 管線 坦克鏈
              環戊烷高壓發泡機 C5發泡機 戊烷發泡機 成都航發maron馬隆冰箱冷柜環戊烷高壓發泡機 槍頭 管線 坦克鏈
              成都航發 maron foaming machine 環戊烷高壓發泡機 C5發泡機 戊烷發泡機 成都航發maron馬隆冰箱冷柜環戊烷高壓發泡機 槍頭 管線 坦克鏈
              成都航發 maron foaming machine 環戊烷高壓發泡機 C5發泡機 戊烷發泡機 成都航發maron馬隆冰箱冷柜 環戊烷高壓發泡機 槍頭 管線 坦克鏈
              汽車發泡 成都航發機電 馬隆 maron 聚氨酯發泡機 環戊烷高壓發泡機

              Specialist who has
              focused on the design
              and manufacture of
              PU Foaming Machine
              for more than 20 years

              © 2018 Maron Mechatronics Engineering(Chengdu)Co.,Ltd  蜀ICP備18021988號



              Address:Checheng West 4th Road,
                               Longquan District, Chengdu, China
              Telephone:+86 18682555063 (English)
                                  +86 13908234872 (English)
                                  +86 028 82005066(English)

              川公網安備 51011202000217號